About Us


I have always expressed myself through the food I create. We create food with a twist, a 3D pop, a flare. Similar to how your parents always had that special dish that no one could recreate, those are the feelings we try to evoke with our food. So my food is 3DEAS, it's TOP SHELF.


My name is Dawn Hilts-Deas. I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Every Sunday after church we would all go back to my house for a good southern meal Our family is very large, so we had all sorts of food for everyone, such as collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, fried chicken and so much more. Because my father was a pastor, it would not only be our family but also members of the congregation.

I could not see myself doing anything else. Every time I am in the kitchen, it brings back memories of my time with my mother and all the shared love of my family.  

How We Started

I have worked in restaurants for over 30 years. During that time, I have learned from many experienced chefs. Most recently I have worked as a wine consultant, pairing foods with wine and sharing this with my clients. Soon, people started talking more about the food than the wine and I realized I needed to venture out.

I believe when one door closes, another opens. 2020 was a year of doors closing but it also allowed me the opportunity to open a door I might never of had the chance to. This was the year I decided to focus my energy into opening my catering company. To create food that tastes unbelievable and to design tasting boards that to me, is art.

Serving South Carolina

3DEAS can create a tailored menu perfect for your next event.